Racing News: River Festival!

The Saturday, June 3, 2017 Cambridge Arts River Festival race starts at the corner of Land Boulevard and Cambridge Parkway at 11 AM, and runs southerly along Cambridge River Parkway (in red). The Exhibition runs all day to 6 PM. Click for Schedule and Directions


  • Entry due date: Saturday, March 4
  • Jurors’ announcement: March 7
  • Raceday: Saturday, June 3

The Event

This is a ¾ mile juried race of pushed, pulled, or pedaled sculpture with a following daylong exhibition at the Cambridge Arts River Festival. The festival is an annual celebration with 150,000–200,000 festival-goers. Participants have the opportunity to join in a spectacular, well-attended event, and exhibit their work publicly on Race Day and on the PSR site.


For the second year, the race and River Festival take place at Lechmere Canal Park and on the Cambridge Parkway (in red). The People’s Sculpture Race runs along Cambridge Parkway from the top right (northeast) to the lower left (southeasterly) and return to the start via an 8′ tarmac sidewalk adjacent to the Parkway. As this is not a wide racecourse, contenders take off in clusters and are individually timed. The start-end line, exhibition, assembly, and announcement area is in the area adjacent to and immediately NW of the Parkway (and east of Land Blvd).

How to Enter: See the Call for Entries


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