Works in Progress: “Big Fish”

Watch “Big Fish,” the first People’s Sculpture Racing video shot and produced by PSR team member Rock Louis!

This is a short documentary about the collaborative project between PSR team member William Turville and the Musketaquid Arts & Environment program at The Umbrella in Concord. At 23′, Big Fish is the largest sculpture that will race at PSR’s inaugural race on June 6.


2015 Contenders!

The following submissions were chosen by our panel of jurors. Each contender has an image of their prototype or poster on the Sculpture Racing Design Exhibition page. Those that participated in the demonstration race, the Circumambulation of the MIT Museum are also featured on a page. More, detailed images to come!

Contenders (Listed alpha by team or artist’s last name as originally submitted)

1.  Flock (2015), Artist Operation

2.  Mobile Happily Distribution Center (2015), Be Be

3.  Bedlam Express (2015), Jeff Del Papa/Artisan’s Asylum Team

4.   Dizzy (2015), Jeff Del Papa/Parts & Crafts Team

5.  Giant Baby Carriage (2012), Anonymous

6.  Canard (2015), Jehanne-Marie Gavarini

7.  Tsunami Wave Machine (Homage to Hokusai) (2015), Steven Hahn

8.  Sisyphus (2015), Harvard Physics Team

9.  Rolling Slit Gong (2015), Jay Havighurst

10.  BiblioBurro (2015), BurroBibliotecarios

11.  Caterwaul (2015), Everything Muffin Collective

12.  Leonardo’s Flying Machine (1999), Mitch Ryerson

13.  Two Orbits Toll Along (2015), Gianna Stewart

14.  Apoplectic Apocalyptics (2010 & 2015), William Turville

15.  Big Fish (1980s & 2015), William Turville & Musketaquid Arts & Environment Program

16.  Chariot of the Cods (2001 & 2015), William Turville

17.  No. 2 (1982), the late Bill Wainwright