Keynote Talk for Kennedy School’s STEAM Week Kickoff

Friday, May 25, 2018
Kennedy School (K-8), Somerville

Raquel Fornasaro, Christian Herold, and Rock Louis displayed the glories of sculpture racing as keynote speakers and film maker for the Kennedy School’s STEAM Week Kickoff. Raquel showed off Rocket Express 2.0 which her kids (now 7 and 9) helped design. Christian showed slides demonstrating design process stages–from concept, schematic, and prototype, to real-world race. The talk concluded with Rock’s Rockdreams Productions 7-minute video combining footage from the River Festival Race and the Community Race. Rock custom made the video for the Kickoff. The event was started off by Lindsey Tosches, STEAM Teacher and Makerspace Coordinator, Principal Mark Hurrie, and youth outlining upcoming STEAM Week events. The whole school watched, including 450 kids seated in the gym-auditorium in neat rows by grade and classroom. Images by Raquel.