2017 Workshops

(All three are open to all ages and skill levels)


Intensive Sculpture Racing Prototype Building Workshops

April 8 & 9 (two-day workshop), 1 PM – 4 PM. Email us with your interest.

David Lang
Natick Studio
Cost: free

Blue Worm Group, David Lang


Two Sculpture Racing Building Workshops
Taught by Jeff DelPapa

For anyone thinking about racing an artwork in this years community Sculpture Race, Jeff Del Papa, chief engineer for people’s sculpture racing is hosting an event at CRMI that will get you off to a flying start.   Learn how to construct what is normally considered a stationary art form using a minimum of tools, and straightforward materials, then make it able to move under your human power, complete with animated bits,  and how to get it to (hopefully) hang together until you cross the finish line.

This is an event for families (yes, bring the kids), teachers, scouting (or similar) groups and others looking for an interesting project, one that combines art with engineering, to occupy the upcoming school vacation week.  The race will be held at Danehy park (near Fresh Pond in Cambridge), on Sunday April 23, part of the Cambridge Science Festival.

Feel free to take one or both workshops!

Dizzy the Cat, Jeff Del Papa & Teens

Jeff Del Papa Workshop #1
April 8, 1-2 PM
Parts and Crafts
577 Somerville Ave., Somerville.
(617) 207-8016
Cost: donation

Jeff Del Papa Workshop #2
April 9, 1-2:30 PM
Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation
154 Moody Street, Waltham, MA – (781-) 893-5410.
Cost: museum admission (adults $10; children and teens $5)



David Lang, kinetic sculptor “I have been active as an artist for all of my adult life. Since 2005 I have been constructing interactive Kinetic Sculpture from my studio in Natick MA. I am also a painter, photographer and writer. I chaired the Art Department at Middlesex School in Concord, MA from 1972 thru 2003. I was a flight instructor at Hanscom Field in Bedford, MA for 24 years.” David served as a juror for entries for the 2017 Cambridge Arts River Festival race. http://www.davidlangstudios.com/

Jeff Del Papa is a Maker, card carrying NERD, and a builder of strange things.  He founded the first American team to appear on the engineering competition show “Junkyard Wars”.  He builds catapults (punkin chunkin, piano “moving”) strange bicycles, and the odd practical effect for TV sorts.  He teaches at the Somerville kids makerspace “Parts and Crafts” (he also runs team building events for adults), is the current president of the New England Model Engineering Society, and Chief Engineer for People’s Sculpture Racing. http://www.the-nerds.org/