Basic Guidelines

  1. The overarching aesthetic is spectacle (visually striking performance or display) and capturing the imagination.
  2. All works must be human-powered, i.e. pushed, pulled, or pedaled
  3. Rolling parts (such as wheels) or other devices (such as metal feet) making motive contact with the ground must be integral to the artistic work.
  4. This is a ‘total art’ event: projects are encouraged to include performance, sound art, costumes, kinetic objects

More Guidelines

  1. Pedaled work must have someone running along with it or move no more than two meters with each pedal turn, so as not to disadvantage contenders on foot. Bicycles–covered or not–are not permitted, though bicycle parts may be used.
  2. As the work is outside, it should be of adequate scale, color and amplitude to make an impact in all weathers.
  3. All sculptures must be able to traverse a ¾ mile flat, obstacle-free course (or 1/2 mile for community race)
  4. Artists may determine whether speed is important to them. Some of the best works in the history of sculpture racing always arrived last (see e.g. Water Sports). Artists should consider the aesthetic of the anti-vehicle. All sculpture racers are beloved of the muses.
  5. Performances and artwork/eventwork that generate live, creative sound are encouraged.

Design Outside the Box

Please see the Design Outside the Box page for important design ideas.

Engineering Guidelines

Please see the Engineering Guidelines.